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We love, live, share and communicate the good life.

Member of the CLATU Group


We love, live, share and communicate the good life.

Member of the CLATU Group

Curating the most beautiful places for
foodies, wine lovers, romantics & discerning travellers.

 Most online guides or influencers claim that the world is full of upscale options. We tend to disagree. In reality, there are very few really great restaurants, bistros, brasseries, wine bars or hotels, and even those are not 100% perfect. However, when it comes to ambience, cuisine, service and craft, „the best“ is something very personal anyway, depending on our individual preferences, lived experiences, the respective occasion and, last but not least, the available budget.

The recommendations on Gourmet-Travels do not prioritize established gourmet restaurants or luxury hotels (even if these sometimes seem to be the only civilized option in a particular region). Rather, our main focus is on mindful indulgence, unique locations and discovering new regions, countries and cultures – away from the hordes or usual tourist destinations. And above all, it means enriching our lives through experiences and conversations with people we meet along the way.


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Chaudrée Charentaise (Fish Consommé)

Culture Food is a food blog and a culinary diary with seasonal recipes and wine notes (in German).

Start the fire. Take a taste. Come join us.

→ www.culturefood.org

Whether table culture, dining culture, food culture, bread culture, beer brewing culture or wine culture… Food and beverages are not only basic existential human needs, but also an act that ignites culture worldwide. Food culture symbolically marks the cultural affiliation of countries and individuals. The staging of a meal becomes an act of representation through customs, rituals or decoration, through preferences and taboos, and thus a representation of social and cultural identity.


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